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Unity-Chan Toon Shader 2.0 (UTS2) is a toon shader for images and video that is designed to meet the needs of creators working on cel-shaded 3DCG animations. Unlike other pre-render toon shaders, all features can be adjusted in real time on Unity, which is the greatest feature of UTS2.

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Currently, if you use a shader with Shader Forge, terrain patches will turn black when it switches to the low resolution basemap (maximum range 2k). This is most likely due to undefined dependency shaders inside the shader.As seen here (blog post), adding these lines to the shader:Dependency "AddPassShader" = "Custom/ToonTerrainAddPass"Dependency "BaseMapShader" = "Toon/Lighted Outline"Defines ...

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The second shader can blend between any number of low resolution or single colour terrains textures (or mesh terrain textures with some adjustment) and works on both unity terrain as well as mesh terrains. These shaders do not have fully functional normal blending, which would probably be...

Unity Standard Assets中自带4个卡通相关的shader,可以通过导入Effects Package导入: 然后我们可以在Assets->Standard o.cubenormal = mul (UNITY_MATRIX_MV, float4(v.normal,0)); -- 获取控制toon的cubemap的法线. UNITY_TRANSFER_FOG(o,o.pos)Adam Goodrich and Bartłomiej Galas have released a new environment production tool, which they had been working on for the last 6 months. Their new project is called CTS - short for Complete Terrain Shader.