The energy emitted from a discharge lamp is quantized

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The energy of the emitted photon is just the difference between the energy levels of the initial (n i) and final (n f) states. The set of spectral lines for a given final state n f are generally close together. The lines for which n f = 2 are called the Balmer series and many of these spectral lines are visible. You will measure the wavelengths ...

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High intensity discharge (HID) Metal halide lamps produce light by passing an electric arc through a mixture of gases, which causes a metallic vapor to produce radiant energy. It contains a high-pressure mixture of argon, mercury, and a variety of metal halides in a compact arc tube. About 24% of the total energy input is converted to light.

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Dec 12, 2020 · For some types of discharge lamp, such as fluorescent tubes, the electrical discharge generates ultraviolet radiation, which is converted into visible light by a phosphor coating on the inner face of the glass. The type of coating determines the spectrum of light emitted.’ Related articles on Designing Buildings Wiki. Ballast or control gear. Search the history of over 446 billion web pages on the Internet. Jun 27, 2020 · This section discusses three categories of devices that convert electricity to light by spontaneous emission: incandescent lamps, gas discharge lamps, and LEDs. 7.2.1: Incandescent Lamps An incandescent lamp is a device that converts electricity to light by blackbody radiation.

This decrease in potential energy is matched by an increase of kinetic energy such that 1/2mv^2=eV. The velocity v is the instantaneous velocity at any time and the potential V is the voltage change between the electron's zero velocity position and its current position. The initial energy at the cathode is essentially all potential and not kinetic. My invention relates to gaseous electric discharge lamps generally and more particularly to such lamps having associated therewith a coating of fluorescent material which transforms ultra-yiolet rays emitted by the discharge into vis- 1 ible light rays which complement and supplement the spectrum of the visible light emitted by the electrically ...