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[ENG DUB]Kwami Buster miraculous ladybug. Lulu Mlb10 154.564 views4 months ago. 7:43. All kwami holders! HEROES MEET THEIR KWAMIS MIRACULOUS LADYBUG SEASON 1 2 3جميع حاملي كوامي! الأبطال. Miracles stories of the ladybird and the black cat 3.385 views6 months...

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Cartoon Tv Show Miraculous Ladybug Episode 2 The Bubbler full episode in HD/High Quality.As Ladybug, Rarity is deeply in love with Cat Noir, but he always rejects her advances, not knowing she's really the girl he loves. Together they fight supervillains created by Hawk Moth, who is really Rarity's adoptive father, Fancy Pants. Idea 2: The Ladybug and Cat Miraculous are split into five copies each, and the Kwami are duplicated.

You can follow me on Miraculous Amino :3 (Chloeinka) 15.1. that was 3 years from that day when I created this channel, thank you so much :3 And thank so much to olga alexsandrova for this awesome picture: https Miraculous Ladybug - Speededit: My Kwamis. از کانال اینجا قروقاطیه.