Issei hates devils fanfiction

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6/16/2019 c10 Guest i wont even bother reading it, the very first Story you made got me intrigued, the one that was based on Devil Warrior, then came the first Change, then the next, then a rework, then another Story, then another one, then a rework of the second Story, a rewrite of the third, another Story was added and the Overall overblown writing also, as if the Girls are all some blow up ...

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I have changed the Highschool DxD world and law where ever I saw fit, please don't hate me for it. If you love Issei, you may not like this story. You are the star, Issei is at best a sidekick. I have no rights to Highschool DxD. This is just a fanfiction. This is my first time, so please go easy on me. I hope you enjoy. Language: English Words ... 9/7 c22 Mana's Cinder Trouble here is that I think Naruto is /too/ weak. He's kind of weaker than Issei, given that Issei can Boost and cheat his way to power. He can do Sage Mode, but it's not particularly special in this universe and you've gone out of your way to make it seem like it's a novelty but ultimately not a real obstacle against "real" opponents.

dxd highschooldxd rias issei harem akeno malereader koneko crossover highschool rwby asia devils xenovia kiba xmalereader serafall anime dbz kuroka 1.2K Stories Sort by: Hot After being killed by a High-Level Devil, Alex Black has awakened his dormant Sacred Gear and was brought back to life as a second Pawn of Rias Gremory. Forced to serve under the very being that he hates, Alex shall make his way through the world filled with devils, angels and other beings of power, getting more and more powerful.