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ETHZ CVL RueMonge 2014. This ETHZ CVL RueMonge 2014 dataset used for 3D reconstruction and semantic mesh labelling for urban scene understanding. It was first ...

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Chars74K Dataset Character recognition in natural images of symbols used in both English and Kannada: 74,107 Character recognition, handwriting recognition, OCR, classification 2009 T. de Campos UJI Pen Characters Dataset Isolated handwritten characters Coordinates of pen position as characters were written given. 11,640 Text

To the best of our knowledge, no benchmark dataset exists for handwritten character recognition of Manipuri Meetei-Mayek script in public domain so far. Manipuri, also referred to as Meeteilon or sometimes Meiteilon, is a Sino-Tibetan language and also one of the Eight Scheduled languages of Indian Constitution. Handwritten character recognition is one of the most quintessential deep learning (DL) problems. One of the oldest and still widely used benchmark datasets for machine learning (ML) tasks is the MNIST dataset, which consists of 70,000 handwritten digits. MNIST was released in 1995. To this day, it is one of the best studied and understood ML ...BanglaLekha-Isolated, a Bangla handwritten isolated character dataset is presented in this article. This dataset contains 84 different characters comprising of 50 Bangla basic characters, 10 Bangla numerals and 24 selected compound characters. 2000 handwriting samples for each of the 84 characters were collected, digitized and pre-processed.