Devexpress gridview select multiple rows programmatically

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In this demo, the DataGrid allows users to select only one row at a time. To enable this mode, set the selection.mode option to "single". You can access the selected row data from the onSelectionChanged function. In this demo, this function fetches the selected row's information and displays it under the grid.

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The GridView provides the additional GridOptionsSelection.MultiSelectMode property, with which you can select between two multiple row selection modes: GridMultiSelectMode.RowSelect (default) and GridMultiSelectMode.CheckBoxRowSelect. In GridMultiSelectMode.RowSelect mode, an end-user can select rows with the keyboard and mouse.

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1 YEAR UPGRADE B U Y E R P R O T E C T I O N P L A N Develop and Deliver Enterprise-Critical Desktop and Web Application... This video describes the grid control’s UI elements and API that enable you and end-users to add or remove data rows. ... This video describes the grid control’s UI elements and API that ... I have a datagridview with 10 rows I can select mutiple rows by using Ctrl & Mouse click but what I would like to do is use a button to select the row. I.E the user could select row one, click the button and row one would be selected then select row 3 and press the button. This would then select this row as well as row one. and so on and so on.

LifterLMS Changelog =================== v4.7.1 - 2020-11-05 ------------------- ##### Bug fixes + During import generation set the post excerpt during the initial ...