Comparing linear and exponential functions worksheet pdf

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Directions: Make a table with three points in the same line with 1) a slope not equal to zero 2) and the y-intercept is not a whole number Write the equation for the line.

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The graph described by the “diode formula” is a standard exponential curve, rising sharply as the independent variable (V D, in this case) increases. The corresponding graph for a resistor, of course, is linear.

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In order to analyze the magnitude of earthquakes or compare the magnitudes of two different earthquakes, we need to be able to convert between logarithmic and exponential form. For example, suppose the amount of energy released from one earthquake was 500 times greater than the amount of energy released from another. Representing quadratic functions, factoring quadratic expressions, patterns of change, effect of parameters. Say it with Symbols: Making Sense of Symbols. Equivalent expressions, solving linear and quadratic equations; identify and represent linear, exponential and quadratic functions. Butterflies, Pinwheels and Wallpaper: Symmetry and ...

The rate at which P(t)=P_0 e^(rt) grows/shrinks depends on its current size; growth rate is relative to current population; r is the relative growth rate. Free, unlimited, online practice. About This Quiz & Worksheet. The questions in this quiz will measure your understanding of linear, exponential and quadratic functions. Passing the multiple-choice quiz requires you to be familiar ... Writing Linear Functions from Sequences e. Solving for the domain of a Linear Function given an element of the range f. Find the value of a Linear Function g. Find the domain and range of a Linear Function h. Finding where a Linear Function is continuous i. Find the x-intercepts of a Linear Function j. Find the y-intercepts of a Linear Function k.