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The Brian Crower stroker kit delivers a system matched setup that installs correctly the first time. Although specific differ from kit to kit, you can be sure each Brian Crower Stroker Kit incorporates a larger stroke, steel billet crankshaft not a reworked OEM crank, custom forged aluminum pistons, premium alloy wrist pins, full ring pack ... Get a true 427 cubic-inches under the hood of your ride. This 427 Ford Small Block Stroker is available in short block form to get you headed in the right direction. A 351 Windsor-based Dart SHP block is professionally assembled with an all forged rotating kit and delivered direct to you.

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Apr 17, 2020 · Johnson had the original center-oiler block sonic checked and overbored 0.040, and then installed a Scat stroker kit with a 4.25-inch crank, H-beam rods, and Mahle pistons that net a 10.8:1 CR. 46728円 LSD 駆動系パーツ パーツ 車用品 車用品・バイク用品 最短出荷 LSD 167 ET CUSCO type MZ Spec-F リア 1way 12way トヨタ ソアラ UZZ40 2001.4~2005.6 3UZ-FE 4300 FR